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Aisi 304 steel shelves with hook fixing

Modular hook shelving made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Supporting structure on "U" uprights 40x25x40 in 20/10 mm thickness.
Very quick hook mounting on punch slots.
Smooth or slotted shelves in 8/10 thickness supplied with reinforcement omega for 40-50-60cm depths.
Available in widths cm. 30-40-50-60 with lengths varying from cm. 60 up to cm. 200.
Equipped with nylon feet, they can also be completed with hooks for hanging lamps or adjustable feet.
Available in heights ranging from 75 cm up to cm. 300.
Product supplied to be assembled
Average delivery time 8-10 working days
Product of Italian production

Aisi 304 steel shelves with hook fixing
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