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EcoAir detergents, sanitizers and perfumers

EcoAir detergents, sanitizers and perfumers

EcoAir innovation, excellence and eco-compatibility for high-performance professional solutions for cleaning and fragrancing environments.

Quality and eco-sustainable products, in full compliance with current regulations, nature and man. The commitment to excellence is further confirmed by the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification.

The products find application in large sectors such as, community, health, industry and transport.


It is important to use EcoAir products with low environmental impact to:

Lower environmental impact

Less risk for the health of operators

Lower costs for wastewater and wastewater disposal


The EcoAir line includes:

Kitchen cleaners

Floor cleaners

Generic cleaners

Hand cleaners

Sanitizing environments

Hand sanitizers

Liquid perfumers

Solid perfumers

Aerosol perfumers

Disabituants and insecticides

Urinal screens

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